Sunday, August 25, 2013

cutest wedding topper

cutest wedding topper by pengrin™
cutest wedding topper, a photo by pengrin™ on Flickr.

For the comic book lovers-- Superman and Wonder Woman cake topper!

#geek wedding #geekwedding

Our Surfboard Wedding Guestbook

Unique idea for a guestbook.

Perfect for surfers, paddleboarder, SUP fans, beach or Parrotheads.

Surf Board Wedding unique #guestbook
Via Flickr:
Our Surfboard Wedding Guestbook

Photos from or you can follow her on Twitter at

Easy wedding centerpiece DIY

Glass tray from dollar shop:

4 candles

plastic (or real glass) beads with your wedding color(s)

3 roses

Or any alternative of this. Looks great on the food table for a simple decoration.

#wedding decorations #DIY

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Best Wedding Photo Ever! (with cameo by T-Rex) You can see why this went VIRAL! Awesome!

Photo credit: Quinn Miller Photo + Design
Photo credit: Quinn Miller Photo + Design

I saw this on HuffPost and you can see why it's amazing in all ways!  (Though I hope we don't see a bunch of dinosaur photos popping up...this is great because it's the first I've seen.)

This is how to do a wedding party photo shot.  I Love everything about this.

Oh and I love that the couple is on their honeymoon and has no idea about this.  See below:

He said he had seen something similar done once before and, considering the groom's love of dinosaurs, knew the couple would be up for it.
"It didn't take any convincing to the bride and groom," Miller said. "They are such a fun couple and a fun wedding party that all I had to do is tell them to run away from an invisible dinosaur. And they did. We did it in one take."
According to the bride's sorority sister, the Lowders are currently on their honeymoon. The "Today" show reports that the couple does not have phone or internet access so they have no idea that their wedding photo has gotten so much buzz.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brides, Brides and Groom

Brides, Brides and Groom by Pipistrula
Brides, Brides and Groom, a photo by Pipistrula on Flickr.

2 Brides

And now it's legal in Washington State! YAY Washington!

Via Flickr:
Seattle's Gay pride Parade 2006.

You can't see it, but the driver is a guy wearing a tux and the passenger is a guy wearing a wedding dress :)

Bride & Groom down Inflatable Slide

What a GREAT idea for a wedding-- especially one outdoors & family friendly!

These are the funnest photos of the bride, bridemaids (though they had a lot of "Spanx shots!" Super fun idea though

Here's the details from the FLickr acct.--- You can see more there.

Via Flickr:
My cousin Joe Fourdyce married Tana Trapp 5/17/08 at St. Raphael's Cathedral, Dubuque, IA. My parents shot some using my old camera and Amy grabbed my camera several times throughout the day so I could be in some of the pics too. All told, we shot around 800 frames that weekend. Which may have been more frames than their hired photographer did. :-)

Love this portrait of these Two Grooms

Cutest photo ever! I love everything about this, from the landscape to the Brooks Brothers tuxedos!

I am so happy gay weddings are happening.
So happy with states that have approved marriage equality.

PHOTO BY ALLEGRO PHOTOGRAPHY. (see link to find out more about this photographer)

Via Flickr:
same sex wedding at tupper manor
#gay marriage
summer weddings
brooks brother tux

Super Cute Photo idea for Bride & Groom

Mr. & Mrs. signs.

By Allegro Photography

Henna Sisters - Wedding Tattoo

Henna Sisters by ❧ NYHenna ❧
Henna Sisters, a photo by ❧ NYHenna ❧ on Flickr.

For the bride and bridesmaids.

Very pretty flowers

Via Flickr:
Stain on, Stain off.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

wedding party steampunk style

wedding party all color by Phoenix Star
wedding party all color, a photo by Phoenix Star on Flickr.

Color shot of the steampunk wedding party-- bride groom, bridesmaid all in teh steam punk fashion.

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