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Superhero Wedding (Groom & Groomsmen!)

from Hoffer Photography Blog
Love this idea with the SUPERMAN shirt beneath the Tux.  Love the REVEAL photo.  GREAT idea for anyone who loves comics, Batman, superman, or anyone of the superheroes.

From Glamour.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Miami Wedding mermaid dress & blonde updo

Wedding party by rsepulveda
Wedding party, a photo by rsepulveda on Flickr.

French twist with a bun and ruffled mermaid dress for a Florida wedding

Via Flickr:

Miami wedding

colorful Beach shack

miami wedding THank you notes.

miami wedding by Sarah Parrott
miami wedding, a photo by Sarah Parrott on Flickr.

Deco inspired. LOVE these!

Via Flickr:
things are better with a parrott

DC wedding capitol building

Via Flickr:
Christine and Mike's Washington DC wedding at the Fairmont Hotel. Christine wore an elegant blush bridal gown (Lea-Ann Belter Allison)!

Image by Deb Lindsey Photography

Washington DC wedding with bride, groom & Washington Memorial in background

Christine & Mike, bridal gown, Lea-Ann Belter Allison, image: Deb Lindsey Photography

Via Flickr:
Christine and Mike's Washington DC wedding at the Fairmont Hotel. Christine wore an elegant blush bridal gown (Lea-Ann Belter Allison)!

Image by Deb Lindsey Photography

Love Crunch Cereal Box Wedding photo

Love Crunch by Elsbro
Love Crunch, a photo by Elsbro on Flickr.

cute idea for the granola couple!

Long veil in wind on ship

Atardecer con Jose y Mar. by JuanZappa
Atardecer con Jose y Mar., a photo by JuanZappa on Flickr.

Wedding ideas ... for the cruise bound...

Liberty Island - A wedding and a new beginning.

Wow, was looking through wedding photos of New York and found this with the Twin Towers still in the background.

Coming up on the 10th year anniversary of 9/11, this is an amazing photo of a bride and groom when the towers were still a part of the NY skyline.

Empire State Building Wedding

NYC wedding invitations..

Via Flickr:
things are better with a parrott

Newlyweds in NYC

Newly Weds NYC by joncockley
Newly Weds NYC, a photo by joncockley on Flickr.

This shot just gives me chills...

when you get stuck between the moon & new york city, I know it's crazy, but it's true--if you get caught between the moon & new york city, the best that you can do is fall in love.

Empire State Building behind them.

LOVE this.

In the rain... black & white bride & groom - red umbrella yellow cab!

In the rain... by jez`
In the rain..., a photo by jez` on Flickr.

The couple==

Via Flickr:
Our wedding in New York, May 2011, shot on 5th at the southern corner of Central Park.

Shot by Maria Melin.

Wedding in Connecticut, New York City Wedding


Via Flickr:
Wedding photo taken by Olivier Lalin Photography - Cosmopolite, Global Wedding Traveller My name is Olivier Lalin, Artist-Photojournalist

Port Gamble Washington (wedding church)

warning by iluvrhinestones
warning, a photo by iluvrhinestones on Flickr.

an incredible picturesque place to have a wedding!

Hawaiian Wedding

Via Flickr:

Traditional Hawaiian Wedding

iPhone cake topper - COOL IDEA! for a wedding!

iPhone cake topper by Randy Stewart
iPhone cake topper, a photo by Randy Stewart on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
(CC) Randy Stewart,

Feel free to use this picture. Please credit as shown. If you are a person that I have taken a photo of, it's yours (but I'd still be curious as to where it is).

Disneyland Engagement Wedding Portraits

Feel the Wind by tonyboytran
Feel the Wind, a photo by tonyboytran on Flickr.

Love the engaged couple on the DUMBO ride!

Via Flickr:
I just recently did a Disneyland engagement shoot for 2 of my really good friends Thomby and Kriss. Here's a sample of one of the shots i took at their engagement shoot.
...View On Black...

you can see more at:

Beautiful Bride & Wedding

Via Flickr:
(CC) Randy Stewart, Feel free to use this picture. Please credit as shown.

If you are a person that I have taken a photo of, it's yours (but I'd still be curious as to where it is).

iWed Monster Wedding Cupcakes

Via Flickr:
Mamiya M645 Pro with Fuji Pro 160C negative film. This is one of the best negative films I've had the pleasure to work with. This shot is lit mainly by light bounced from a bunch of incandescant bulbs in the light fixture you can see at the back. I held a large white card over the fixture to bounce the light onto the cupcakes. There is also all kinds of other weird light sources because it is in a big hall.

I don't normally plan on scanning medium format images at 4000dpi because it is overkill. 360MB TIFF, anyone? But if anyone wants to see why the Coolscan 9000 ED is such a great machine feel free to click the "Original Size" link. I had to reduce the JPEG quality to 80 to squeek under Flickr's 20MB cap on image sizes! The final image size is 54 megapixel after cropping.

These were taken at my wife and daughter's stand for their business "Cupcakes" which is opening its first shop as we speak!

Wedding Kiss Balloon Drop

Wedding Kiss Balloon Drop by Zeusandhera
Wedding Kiss Balloon Drop, a photo by Zeusandhera on Flickr.

An idea for those who want color in your wedding!

Via Flickr:
Gorzen Wedding in East China Michigan. It was on the stage of the Performing Arts Center. Feel free to look at some other shots!

Wedding Wait - FLower girl in hat...

Wedding Wait by Vincent van der Pas
Wedding Wait, a photo by Vincent van der Pas on Flickr.

Same photographer. WOW! Fantastic images and love the flower girl's hat and dress.

Via Flickr:
View On Black

Feel free to use this image in a non-commercial manner! I only ask you to link back to my flickr account! Thanks!

(this photo has been used on: Thanks for using my photo!)

Wedding Kiss

Wedding Kiss by Vincent van der Pas
Wedding Kiss, a photo by Vincent van der Pas on Flickr.

ONe of my very favorite wedding photos of a bride ever. GORGEOUS!

Here's the info on it--

Via Flickr:
View On Black

Feel free to use this image as you wish! I only ask you to credit me by linking back to my flickr account or my website Thanks!

If you wanna follow me on Twitter ->

Critique is very welcome ;-)

wedding crossing sign

wedding crossing by cordydan
wedding crossing, a photo by cordydan on Flickr.

GREAT idea for sign for public weddings - WEDDING XING! Love it!

Via Flickr:
My fiancee and I are getting married on the beach. What that means is we will have to cross a boardwalk frequented by rollerbladers and bike riders. We made this to give them a heads up. If this suits your purposes, feel free to use it!

Felt wedding cakes so you can keep the memory!

vivianskitchen felt 038

Via Flickr:
Vivian's Kitchen pink and lavender rose cream cheese wedding felt wedding cake at

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wedding Top Hat and Cane

Hat and Cane by FrozenCapybara
Hat and Cane, a photo by FrozenCapybara on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Chad's fancy-dress hat and cane.

IN brown... love this!

Date wedding tattoos

A day never forgotten by mattieb
A day never forgotten, a photo by mattieb on Flickr.

Instead of rings, use a tattoo of your date...

Via Flickr:
John Ritter , John Cash Rest in peace . This also happends to be my Wedding Anniversary .

Wedding Rings Tattoos

Wedding Rings by Megan Taylor
Wedding Rings, a photo by Megan Taylor on Flickr.

Means "infinity" Infinity symbol

our new wedding rings tattoos

our new wedding rings by Ophelia219
our new wedding rings, a photo by Ophelia219 on Flickr.

woven design

star tattoo for wedding rings

star tattoo by byebluemonday
star tattoo, a photo by byebluemonday on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
instead of wedding rings (dru always loses rings), we got awesome star tattoos. dru's is slightly larger and is just the outline - picture coming soon.

tattoo wedding ring

tattoo (for Tracy) by CRASH:candy
tattoo (for Tracy), a photo by CRASH:candy on Flickr.

(and blue skull bikini!)

Mehndi Wedding Tattoo

Mehndi Wedding Tattoo by rshannonsmith
Mehndi Wedding Tattoo, a photo by rshannonsmith on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
oMehndi tattoos for their wedding.

Henna for Bridal Consultation

Via Flickr:
This is what we give our bridal consultation clients as a test trial of our work.
Professional henna body art sevices:

Join us on Facebook:

Our blog at

fidelity - Wedding Ring Tattoos for bride and groom

fidelity by Zak Greant
fidelity, a photo by Zak Greant on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
a picture where you can see the wedding tattoo that mandy and i each have

Wedding Tattoos

tattoos by ninaksimon
tattoos, a photo by ninaksimon on Flickr.

of a treehouse for the bride & groom

celtic wedding rings

celtic wedding rings  by apdk
celtic wedding rings , a photo by apdk on Flickr.

Love these! I'm Irish, but they are good for all!

Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings by Joseph Mikos
Wedding Rings, a photo by Joseph Mikos on Flickr.

Beautiful Military wedding couple!

Ring Shots

Ring Shots by Photography By Shaeree
Ring Shots, a photo by Photography By Shaeree on Flickr.

Beach wedding ring shots

Via Flickr:
This shot we have tried before. Dark sand doesn't work. This time we managed to get the perfect shot.

This was taken by Robert Scott my business partner.

Setup by me. :)

Wedding Rings should be engraved

Wedding Rings #3 by brtsergio
Wedding Rings #3, a photo by brtsergio on Flickr.

with the couple's name and the wedding date!

Wedding Tradition!

Wedding Rings & Cracker Jacks

Wedding Rings by LCPhotog
Wedding Rings, a photo by LCPhotog on Flickr.

My dad always said he had to buy a lot of Cracker Jacks to get my mum's ring.

A great idea for to propose! a Cracker Jack box!

Wedding Rings

Via Flickr:
The surprise inside the Cracker Jacks...our wedding rings.

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation by C@tch
Wedding Invitation, a photo by C@tch on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Wedding invitation with one of my photos on the cover.

Cheap easy decoration...

Me Me Me cosmetics event by The Style PA
Me Me Me cosmetics event, a photo by The Style PA on Flickr.

candles -- can use Mason Jars or dollar store votives

Alice in Wonderland Wedding

Wedding day in Norwich by The Style PA
Wedding day in Norwich, a photo by The Style PA on Flickr.

Guest book and "photo booth" for the guests

Unique ideas for weddings.

Cute Wedding Updo for Curly Hair

Wedding by Nuno Duarte
Wedding, a photo by Nuno Duarte on Flickr.

Beautiful updo for the bride

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Retro Wedding Style

I love you by Anne Marthe Widvey
I love you, a photo by Anne Marthe Widvey on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Click on the link below:
Facebook fan page

PHotos at Carnival for WEddings...

Oh, the angles! by afroboof
Oh, the angles!, a photo by afroboof on Flickr.

What a great idea to do a photoshoot at a carnival or fair.

I love the mix of summer fun with classic formal wedding!

Bride in feather hat veil and strapless wedding gown with front bow. Hair up in classic updo - retro style!

Fairground Fun

Fairground Fun by afroboof
Fairground Fun, a photo by afroboof on Flickr.

Love this -- Bride & Groom on a carnival ride. Too cute-- looks vintage and classic!

Easy Photo Booth set-up for Wedding

Photo Booth fun by JASherry
Photo Booth fun, a photo by JASherry on Flickr.

Hardware from Home Depot, etc.

Choose your fabric OR large tablecloth.

Offer propers. DONE!

Beach Wedding

Wedding by abroadjz
Wedding, a photo by abroadjz on Flickr.

Blue & White theme

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