Tuesday, July 19, 2011

our new wedding rings tattoos

our new wedding rings by Ophelia219
our new wedding rings, a photo by Ophelia219 on Flickr.

woven design


Ophelia219 said...

Wow. I googled my 'name' and this website popped up. That's my hand! :) Was so excited to see it.

Kelly said...

Your tattoo rings are beautiful! Does your tattoo still look as beautiful?

Yours were one of the most incredible ring-tattoos I found. I LOVE them!

Thanks for your note!

Kelly said...

Oh and I ask how your tattoo looks as I'm considering getting one instead of a ring myself!

Ophelia219 said...

We got them in 2004 and yes, they still look the same. His has faded some and they have blurred slightly but that's about it. The design was made up on the spot. No special meaning behind it, we just liked the look of it. They do not wrap all the way around because our artist said its pointless, would fade and is not necessary.
So happy you like it! :-)

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