Friday, December 18, 2009

How to Deal with Rain at a Wedding (photo)

I know people aren't hoping it rains at their wedding, but it makes great wedding shots! Plus, it's considered good luck.

I love the bride and groom under the umbrella, plus the bride's updo, classic blonde glamour updo

And great photograher in Virginia Beach: John Cachero. Great work!

Virginia Beach weddings:

Photo note:

John Cachero Photography had the pleasure of photographing April and Jonathan, who celebrated their wedding ceremony at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Norfolk, Virginia and their wedding reception at The Cape Henry Inn And Beach Club in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

This portrait was taken while Hurricane Bill hovered just off the Virginia Beach coast.

View the photos larger on the full blog post at

Hawaii Bride (photo)

Irena, originally uploaded by James Rubio.

If you're in Hawaii, I found this great photographer for you- James Rubio. Here's an image of his.

I love the bride's lacy train here. It's a very romantic look, plus the delicateness juxtaposed to the cement road looks great.

Follow the links back to find him if you're in Hawaii and looking for a wedding photographer.

iPhone wedding photo

Great idea for a modern wedding photo. Love this image of the bride and groom.

Damask Wedding Cake (photo)

Damask Wedding Cake, originally uploaded by Crazy Cake Lady.

More from Crazy Cake Lady (see above post)

Her cakes are gorgeous! Definitely not crazy, but maybe crazy about cakes.

Here's her note:

The bride wanted to incorporate the damask pattern that was used throughout her wedding so we chose to represent the full pattern on the bottom tier and use variations of the pattern for the top two to mix it up a bit.

keywords: wedding cakes, crazy cake lady cakes, best wedding cakes.

Bird Silhouette Wedding Cake (photo)

Love this. By Crazy Cake Lady (

Here's her note:

Wedding cake inspired by the invitations designed by the bride and bridesmaid. Check out my blog post for more details:

* * *
If you can find someone who can take an image off your invitations to use on your cake, what a way to tie things together. I just love this. Very Anthropologie.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Beautiful wedding hairstyle for short hair (photo)

Retro hair accessories, very 1920's art nouveau style, and beautiful snowflake pendant.

PHoto note:


photo by Kelly Prizel of Film Noir Photography

Lovely bridal hairaccessory for brides, bridal hair ideas for short hair, hairstyle ideas wedding hair.

Gorgeous wedding headband with fabric flower and detailing (photo)

This has an "Old Hollywood" style to it, 1940's look. A beautiful wedding headband hairband for a perfect wedding styl. Love the loose knot on the side.

Photo note:

Keywords: retro wedding headbands, wedding hairstyle ideas, bridal headbands, bride hair accessories, bridal hair details, wedding hair headbands.

daisy wedding headband (photo)

daisy wedding headband, originally uploaded by maryjanefrances.

Lovely fabric/ribbon daisy headband for casual beach wedding veil.

Follow the links under the photo back to flickr if you want one!

Keywords: hippie headband daisies wedding band daisy wedding veil, hippie veil, beach or outdoor wedding veil

Blackbird wedding cake (photo)

If a cake can have an Anthropologie looks to it, this one does. A black and white cake with two black birds on top, and black vines with red flowers. Square wedding cake.

It looks like a notecard, it's so perfect. Follow the link back for the baker.

Here's the photo note--

This is a huge fav of mine! The original design was one I did for a magazine shoot last year in round, and minus the lotus flowers. I love this one even more. Tall square cakes are a gorgeous but scary thing!
They are my custom clay birds too. Can't say I've made them in black before, but I thought it would be a cool touch, and they went for it! I love it when clients just go crazy and do something really fun!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the corpse bride cake in blue (photo)

Follow the link back to Fatma Ozmen the cake designer, but in looking for the other Corpse Bride cake I found this and wanted to share another option for a halloween or goth wedding.

Corpse Bride Cake (just like the movie!) photo

Corpse Bride Cake, originally uploaded by brixtoncat.

Since it's near Halloween, I thought I'd post this photo from Sydney, Australia of the Corpse Bride cake. If you saw the movie, this cake looks just like (minus the characters on top!) the bone and skull cake from Tim Burton's movie, The Corpse Bride.

A good Halloween wedding cake!

Corpse Bride Wedding Cake
Corspe Bride Wedding Cake

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Christina Applegate Hair - SAG Awards 2009

This is Christina Applegate with a cute updo that would make a lovely updo for a bride, so while not officially from a wedding, I think this updo could be stolen for a bride. It also has that wavy romantic feel to it and you could put your veil, right on the bun or knot at the end, right about it, I think this woudl look lovely.

Would also be a good style for a tiara.

Keywords; wedding hair, wedding style, bridal hair

Loose, wavy updo- Romantic hairstyle for wedding: photo

hairstyle for weddings, originally uploaded by dudemjk.

Very lovely updo with wisps of hair on the sides, some bangs and pulled back into a very loose knot or bun. Very sweet small hair accessories give this hairstyle a very romantic feel.

Keywords: hairstyle ideas for brides, bridal hair, romantic formal updos hairstyles, romantic haircuts for brides, hairstyles for weddings, young, youthful, breezy, romantic updos.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ringbearer dog in Tux (photo)

Chubbs, originally uploaded by weddingbee.

Ring bearer dog in tuxedo. Another example of a ring dog.

So cute!

Photo: Amy's dog, had an engagement ring around his neck when her fiance proposed to her. He will be the ringbearer at their wedding.

the ring bearer

the ring bearer, originally uploaded by KickAssCanadian_Chick.

How to Tie the Ring--

Here's an idea on how to have the rings on your dog's collar

Here's the photo note which is pretty funny--

i found another few photos from the wedding in august that i really enjoy. the bride and groom have two dogs so they used them as the ring bearers. this is KT, sporting the grooms ring. it worked out ok during the ceremony. the dogs came when called and stuck around just long enough for the couple to remove the rings. as a person who doesn't find much cute, this was fairly cute... definately better than if it had been a couple of snot nosed kids! :)

Ringbearer dog (photo)

Ring dog, originally uploaded by Charlotte Geary Photography.

For more about this photographer go to: Charlotte Geary Photography

A lot more couples are incorporating their dogs into the wedding ceremony. This sweet Golden retriever is the ring dog. Depending on how good your dog is, you can have him/her carry a basket with the rings down the aisle, or tie it to his/her collar.

Very cute and let's your favorite pet be part of the day. The guests tend to love this surprise.

Photo note:

The ring dog
From a Garden of the Gods Club wedding in Colorado Springs

Forestell Wedding Cake - Fall Leaves Wedding Cake Photo

I have to admit, I like this cake topper. There's something retro about it, yet modern, and it's got a bit of energy to it. Definitely much better than the bride and groom next to each other, these two really seem to be ready for the honeymoon to begin.

I like the different color leaves for an autumn wedding. If you didn't like the cake topper, you could always have fresh flowers (maybe sunflowers- small ones!) on top.

Photo note:

White Cake with Fondant Icing and Gum Paste Leaves

Fall wedding cake ideas, September, October maybe November weddings.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Bride Wore Tennis Shoes (photo)

converse and orange juice, originally uploaded by lavendamemory.

Black & white Converse sneakers under this wedding gown.

Sometimes you just have to be comfy!

Peacock (handpainted) wedding shoes (photo)

If you're interested in your own hand-painted shoes, follow the link back to Flickr.

Beautiful wedding shoes--

Photo note:

Here my gorgeous peacocks on a pair of White Princess Dyeables Peep toe Pumps ,this are an example of how white wedding shoes can be customized at your needs or upcycled and look unique and wearable again..
They are stunning for a night out,party,wedding or just to stand out of the crowds!

If you like to have this design in your own shoes please send me a conversation first to talk about design,color,background,etc.
The listing includes whole shoe painting in a chosen background color and design. You might need to send me your shoes or I can purchase them for you at an additional price.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Up Do (Ashley Judd) photo

127041750_af708b923c, originally uploaded by shannon.reza.

I ran across this photo of Ashley Judd with a purple exotic flower in her hair and I thought this would be a great hairstyle or updo for a beach wedding.

You could either put the veil over the bun/curls in back or place it in the center of the back of the head.

She's beautiful, so she could probably wear her hair in dreadlocks at her wedding and look gorgeous, but I think the lift to this hairstyle (being higher in the back) is a very flattering look for most brides.

Keywords: Formal hairstyles, updos for weddings, bridal hair, cute beach hairstyles for weddings, beach wedding bridal updos, formal beach hair, ashley judd bridal idea.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Colorful wedding shoes - Green Prada!

wedding shoes, originally uploaded by seejanebe.

I'm intrigued by this and love the whimsy of the bride for wearing these green Prada kitten heels under her wedding dress.

Here's her photo note--

i was wanting to wear some coloured pumps on my wedding day. fate guided me to a second DSW location yesterday wherein i found these shoes in my size. And on sale for $150 from $650. CRAZY, but when else will i have such a good excuse to buy Prada?


I think this would be a very fun thing to do, though I'd wear red Dorothy.

Keywords; Prada wedding shoes, colorful prada shoes, green wedding heels.

Blast from the Past - A True 50's wedding

johnny and judy, originally uploaded by Peacewytch.

So classically Americana! Love the bride's glasses and her big smile.

Keywords; 1950's wedding photos, 1950's wedding, 50's bride

Taupe petal cones for wedding

Taupe petal cones, originally uploaded by Cococupcakes.

Photo note:

Handmade petal cones with custom monogram

Bride with red scarf fabric (photo)

0810-9417, originally uploaded by Victor Babintsev.

Love the contrast in this photo with the bride's white gown and the red fabric... and the wheat field!

Another Retro Bride

0820-3209, originally uploaded by Victor Babintsev.

Love the vintage car and the expressions of these two. Plus, the black and white film really captures this. This would make a great thank you card for your guests.

Keywords; vintage bride hairstyles gown ideas, retro bridal looks, retro bride hairstyle ideas, retro hair, wedding gown

Full bridal look for retro wedding (photo with groom)

0820-3064, originally uploaded by Victor Babintsev.

Love the stockings... Great pose too.

Retro Wedding Looks - Bride (photo)

0820-2941-2, originally uploaded by Victor Babintsev.

Love this 1940's / 1950's look. The dress is a little more eggshell than white and the hair is long and romantic, very 40's.

Plus, the red lipstick makes the whole look!

Keywords: Vintage weddings, retro weddings, retro brides, classic wedding looks.

Quilted Ribbon Cake - Retro looks for weddings (photo)

I'm currently interested in the retro element of weddings.

I love this cake as it's so Tiffany's and Jackie Kennedy hat box!

From Retro Bakery in Las Vegas

Photo note:

please email with questions and price details.

Retro Wedding!

I just loved this phot in this vintage car. Here's the info for who did it below...

Photo note:

Duet Photography and Video's talented team of professionals will perform with the upmost commitment to your satisfaction. Come and see what our award winning team has to offer. 631-673-8783

English Bride in princess gown with father (photo)

Rochester Guildhall, originally uploaded by glenjdiamond.

From Wedding Ceremony at the Rochester Guildhall, England, UK

**I love the father's expression.

Elegant Simple Wedding Looks (photo)

9651, originally uploaded by

Bride with strapless high-waisted gown but fitted around the waist so you don't look pregnant.

Very classically elegant and simple.

Hairstyle-- center part and down and long.

For the bride who is romantic and likes simple elegance.

Alvina Valetna
Couture Brautmode
Designer Brautkleider
Robe de mariage
robe de marie

Strapless wedding gown (front & back photo)

9706_x2, originally uploaded by

Hair pulled back in elegant bun. low back weddind dress.


Alvina Valetna
Couture Brautmode
Designer Brautkleider
Robe de mariage
robe de marie

Wedding at Dunnator castle

destiny, originally uploaded by nyshmusa.

Aberdeenshire, Scotland


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Short hairstyle for brides (photo) back view

Halloween Wedding, originally uploaded by duckey060504.

here's the front and back view of a hairstyle for brides with short hair. a elegant headband, sleeker in the front and poufier in the back creates a great look

Also, here's the back view of the red wedding dress and you can see it's a lace-down corset styled look.

Keywords; red wedding gown, bridal hair, short hair bridal hairstyle ideas, headband- brides with bobs hair ideas for wedding, short hair ideas for wedding brides, bridal hair- short styles ideas for wedding

Halloween Wedding Dress - Red side view

Halloween Wedding, originally uploaded by duckey060504.

She looks great in this dress and I love that she did simple hair and little jewelry or it would have been too much.

You can see the detailing on the dress with this photo.

There's another photo of the back of her hair which is a great look for anyone with short hair who is looking for a nice style as the bride.

red wedding gowns, ideas for bride on Halloween wedding

Halloween Wedding - Red Wedding Dress (photo)

Halloween Wedding, originally uploaded by duckey060504.

Beautiful bride who pulled off a red wedding dress with rhinestone details. Her short bob hair looks perfect back in a headband.

I'll see if I can find another photo of the bride who looks lovely, so you can see the full dress

Keywords: Halloween bride, red wedding dress, red wedding gowns

Halloween's Groom cake

Halloween's Groom cake, originally uploaded by cyberandy28.

Vanilla cake w/ peanut butter filling

Bride & Groom ghosts treats for wedding (photo)

photo note:

Fondant ghosts with pink bow and veil, top hat and bow tie, made as a test for Halloween wedding cupcakes.

day of the dead cake - halloween wedding cake (photo)

I love this Day of the Dead cake for a Halloweentime wedding!

I'm posting my favorite images from Halloween weddings today so watch for things if you're planning a Halloween/autumn wedding or are just interested.

"Bewitching" (showing moon) Wedding Cake

Halloween Wedding Cake by GLASS SLIPPER GOURMET

Photo note:
Of course... A Halloween wedding! All tiers are iced in fondant. The lower was airbrushed with black then overpiped with buttercream in random swirls and circles. The middle tier has buttercream "bones" swagging with dangling skulls and crawling hands. The top tier is a creepy, whimisical graveyard scene complete with tombstones, scary tree, cloud shaded harvest moon, black widow's web and bats! Trick or Treat!

Keywords: Halloween Wedding Cakes

Halloween Wedding

Photo note:

Images contained within this inspiration board are the property of their respective companies. Please see for details and links.

Halloween wedding ideas, cake,

Wedding Reception - Halloween 2008

Photo by: George E. Norkus Photography

What a great idea! To have your wedding reception on your lawn on Halloween night while trick or treaters walk by!! This is a GREAT idea for any couple that LOVES Halloween!

I have a lot more Halloween wedding ideas and photos I'll be putting up since it's around the corner!

Photo note:

While covering a wedding reception, a strange thing happened when the moon came out!

Here is a Halloween photo I took at the annual "Terror on Tillson Street" Halloween setup in Romeo, Michigan.

This is something anyone can see just by driving your car down the street.

On the near two dozen houses on the short street, an owner told me they have just over 2,000 trick-or-treaters on that night.

(Blocked off by the police on Halloween night. Foot traffic then only.)

George E. Norkus Photography

***Keywords: Halloween Weddings, October 31st wedding ideas, halloween reception ideas, spooky weddings, haunted wedding ideas.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beautiful Updo for the bride! (photo)

Adjusting the Veil, originally uploaded by

Wow, everything is working right for this bride! She looks lovely.

She has a formal updo, slicked back tight (like a ballerina's hair) and then the big loops of curls in the back. The veil is about midway down and goes down her back past her waist.

She has gorgeous detail on her dress (which is a strapless) with perfect synching in the waist to produce a lovely hourglass silouhette.

I love the way the detail on her waist angles down. Her hair, her gown, and even the small necklace she chose is all perfect.

Yes, steal this wedding look for yourself. Classic. Elegant. Beautiful. Very Grace Kelly like.

Keywords: Classic formal hairstyles, elegant Grace Kelly wedding bridal hair, elegant weddings, formal wedding hair, wedding gowns with details.

From a Vietnamese wedding (photo)

, originally uploaded by v i e t n g u y e n ™.

For the bride who loves color!

Love the fan and the detail on this colorful bridal outfit.

Wedding Dog (photo)

, originally uploaded by housden photos.

I think dog lovers (and owners) should have their best man be their dog (seriously!) Man's best friend and actually, if you have a well-behaved dog (I could never have my dog at my wedding or everything would be ruined and knocked down), I think it's very sweet to include your pup if possible.

And look at the cute photos you get when you do.

Keywords: Dogs in weddings, dogs dressed for wedding, dog formal outfits for wedding.

Bride with Red Sash on Gown (photo)

, originally uploaded by Anastasia Eganova.

I would have never thought I'd like red color on a bridal gown, but I love this splash of red as a sash on this wedding dress.

It works perfectly with the bouquet.

Partners in Crime (wedding photo)

BrownWedding (1 of 1)-3, originally uploaded by ChristaWatson.

I just loved this black and white pose of this bride and groom.

Country Bride (photo)

Doug and Bianca, originally uploaded by the PhotoPhreak.

I thought this was a gorgeous satin gown and love the flats!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding Photo Booth

Wedding Part 4 118, originally uploaded by marifray..

Cute idea for weddings. Create your own "photo booth." Have a fun background (can be a wall such as a brick wall if you're in an old place or you can put up some colorful fabric, etc) and then have a few props-- empty picture frames, fake mustaches, hats, swords, glasses, scarves, anything to do with your wedding theme, eraseable boards so your guests can write you notes and photograph themselves with them.

You can either have your photographer do this for awhile or even cheaper, have a friend whose a decent photographer stand there with her/his digital camera to get shots of all the guests.

You can also have this near your receiving line so the guests don't get bored waiting to wish you congrats.

Keywords: Unique ideas for weddings, photo booths at weddings, create your own photo booth, easy inexpensive wedding ideas, fun wedding ideas, fun wedding reception ideas, photo booth diy, do-it-yourself photobooth.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jumping Bride with natural bouquet (photo)

I wanted to show the strands of flowers on the other side of the bouquet with this shot. By the same people who brought you the bouquet below.

Photo note:

Mom and I had a photo shot to showcase some of my wedding bouquets I made for fun….. Loved the shoot, She did a fantastic job and it was a blast to “trash the dress” even thought it wasn’t actually trashed, just wet and sandy.

Check out my mom’s website at

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