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Brides, Brides and Groom

Brides, Brides and Groom by Pipistrula
Brides, Brides and Groom, a photo by Pipistrula on Flickr.

2 Brides

And now it's legal in Washington State! YAY Washington!

Via Flickr:
Seattle's Gay pride Parade 2006.

You can't see it, but the driver is a guy wearing a tux and the passenger is a guy wearing a wedding dress :)

Bride & Groom down Inflatable Slide

What a GREAT idea for a wedding-- especially one outdoors & family friendly!

These are the funnest photos of the bride, bridemaids (though they had a lot of "Spanx shots!" Super fun idea though

Here's the details from the FLickr acct.--- You can see more there.

Via Flickr:
My cousin Joe Fourdyce married Tana Trapp 5/17/08 at St. Raphael's Cathedral, Dubuque, IA. My parents shot some using my old camera and Amy grabbed my camera several times throughout the day so I could be in some of the pics too. All told, we shot around 800 frames that weekend. Which may have been more frames than their hired photographer did. :-)

Love this portrait of these Two Grooms

Cutest photo ever! I love everything about this, from the landscape to the Brooks Brothers tuxedos!

I am so happy gay weddings are happening.
So happy with states that have approved marriage equality.

PHOTO BY ALLEGRO PHOTOGRAPHY. (see link to find out more about this photographer)

Via Flickr:
same sex wedding at tupper manor
#gay marriage
summer weddings
brooks brother tux

Super Cute Photo idea for Bride & Groom

Mr. & Mrs. signs.

By Allegro Photography

Henna Sisters - Wedding Tattoo

Henna Sisters by ❧ NYHenna ❧
Henna Sisters, a photo by ❧ NYHenna ❧ on Flickr.

For the bride and bridesmaids.

Very pretty flowers

Via Flickr:
Stain on, Stain off.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

wedding party steampunk style

wedding party all color by Phoenix Star
wedding party all color, a photo by Phoenix Star on Flickr.

Color shot of the steampunk wedding party-- bride groom, bridesmaid all in teh steam punk fashion.

Steampunk wedding party all funny faces

Here's the sepia shot of the steampunk wedding party-- bride groom, bridesmaid all in teh steam punk fashion.

groom family at a Steampunk wedding

groom family by Phoenix Star
groom family, a photo by Phoenix Star on Flickr.

I love that everyone wore Steampunk fashion--

wonderful steampunk wedding!

Steampunk Bride with Flowers girls

bride n flower girls by Phoenix Star
bride n flower girls, a photo by Phoenix Star on Flickr.

Love the lockets and the Victorian style for this wedding.

#steampunk wedding

Steampunk wedding Bride and Groom

bride n groom 13 by Phoenix Star
bride n groom 13, a photo by Phoenix Star on Flickr.

LOVe the way the did this old photo style for a steam punk wedding. Goggles, pocketwatch, clock gears...

So cool!

Steampunk Wedding Bride & Groom

bride n groom1 by Phoenix Star
bride n groom1, a photo by Phoenix Star on Flickr.

Love this! And with goggles.

Star Wars Wedding cake topper

cake topper by Phoenix Star
cake topper, a photo by Phoenix Star on Flickr.

I am pretty sure that's Han Solo and Princess Leia as a caketopper!

#sci-fi wedding, #steampunk wedding.

Barn Reception Decor for Wedding.

Barn Reception Decor by RachIgnatiev
Barn Reception Decor, a photo by RachIgnatiev on Flickr.


Via Flickr:
Hand made elements included: chair covers, table runners, centerpieces (every table had it's own color scheme), and the bunting strung between the beams.

Another cute bride and groom photo

Jump! by RachIgnatiev
Jump!, a photo by RachIgnatiev on Flickr.

This is the couple that had that incredible tree wedding cake with owls. LOVE her flower headband.

Via Flickr:
We love a good jumping picture.

Our Woodland Cake - with owl wedding cake toppers

Our Woodland Cake by RachIgnatiev
Our Woodland Cake, a photo by RachIgnatiev on Flickr.

Handmade felt wedding cake toppers and love the heart in the tree wedding cake.

Via Flickr:
Tree bark-styled cake with mushroom and twig details. The cake toppers are an owl and hawk, handmade with felt.

Wedding Cake Toppers match the bride and groom

RS-portrait063 by Champagne -n- Pizza
RS-portrait063, a photo by Champagne -n- Pizza on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Cake Topper dopplegangers

Custom Groundhog Wedding Cake Topper

Via Flickr:
A custom and extra-large (3-4") pair of groundhogs dressed for their wedding.

Ferret Wedding Cake topper

Untitled by sofieskein
Untitled, a photo by sofieskein on Flickr.

For ferret lovers and owners, == this could also be a cute weasel wedding topper.

Red Fox Wedding Cake Topper

For brides who are fans of foxes. Fox CakeToppers made for you. Unique weddingcake toppers

Via Flickr:
My red fox wedding cake topper is available here

The bride that matches the below cake topper

So good!

They got it right on. (see post below to see her matching cake topper.)

Customized cake toppers

High fiving inked bride caketopper
Groom in tennis shoes, redhead bride cake topper with tattoo tattoos.

Via Flickr:
OBT Profile:
Photographer: Morgan @

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake by crayonmonkey
Wedding Cake, a photo by crayonmonkey on Flickr.

Very elegant white on white flowers with ribbon cake.

Via Flickr:
Cake exhibited by Jill Fisher at Squire's International Exhibition 2013

Simple Basket Weave Wedding Cake with Mickey and Minnie Cake Topper

Ideas for wedding cakes... The Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Disney fan.

Cakes for brides grooms wedding cakes

Cute photo of the bride

I love photos that really capture a moment, that aren't too poised but capture the personality of the bride.

I thought this was adorable.

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