Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gorgeous bride and snow wedding! (photo)

Ruthanna and David, originally uploaded by pr0digie.

What I love about winter weddings is how the bouquet stands out! If you have a winter or December or January wedding where there may be snow, have a bouquet with color! I love her wine reds in this one.

As for the hairstyle, which I always try to mention, ringlet curls, a classic square neck wedding dress, with bow.

A lovely couple!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Another Gorgeous Autumn Bride (photo)

This is from a photographer: Simply Bloom PHotography and I think she's in the south as these photos were labeled Alabama.

Anywa, I love the look of this bride and the fall colors. The bridal hat and hairstyle is perfect for the season and location. This is a great example fo a bride taking into account the season and place of the wedding. She is radiant and I love her wrap and hairstyle.

Beautiful example of how to do a fall wedding right and to have a photographer who gets it. Great picture!

Fall Wedding Ideas (photo)

I found these incredible photographs by Simply Bloom

I love the look of this bride in a pumpkin patch. What a perfect setting for a fall wedding.

Bride is in a strapless gown and barefoot. Beautiful image here.


A Cinderella Story...
I couldn't pick which photo i liked the best, so I let my husband and this one is the one he chose! :D
i am so happy that my idea pf shooting a bridal at the pumpkin field worked out just as I dreamed!!! It was so surreal!
Jacque, executed the pose i suggested perfectly!!!! :D I was really happy with this shoot altogether!!!

Florida Bride (long blond hairstyle) in halter dress (photo)

rebecca-1055, originally uploaded by SenseiSasha.

A beautiful bride in a gorgeous halter dress with hair worn long and a mid-length veil. The groom has a white tie tuxedo which looks very fashionable without being stuffy (perfect for a Florida wedding).

The bride has her hair back but is worn long. And I love the palm trees and how this was shot. Great picture of a bride and groom

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Bridal hand mehndi henna tattoos (photo)

From a Hindi wedding, bridal mendhi tattoos on hands and feet. India wedding.

Photo note:

The bride's hands (top and bottom) are decorated with intricate henna (mehndi) paintings. She still wears the numerous bangles from the ceremony two days earlier. (natural lighting)

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Black and white image of bride with tiara and princess gown (photo)

Love the poufy princess dress and the dainty tiara. This is a great look for brides. Hair pulled back out of the face and the back is actually ringlets and curls. The simple tiara captures the look. Very beautiful.

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Beautiful bride with hair pulled back (photo)

I believe this photo was taken in Guatamala. An absolutely lovely bride with her long dark hair pulled back.

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