Monday, April 12, 2010

the coolest veil EVER! (photo)

the coolest veil EVER!, originally uploaded by m a v.

Coolest Veil Ever - was the photo title, but I have to agree. It looks like white roses around the edge of her veil. Beautiful!

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I miss Polariods! Bridal Kiss photo

they love polaroids too..., originally uploaded by Brian Grissom.

Love this idea of two photos and the actual bride and groom in the background. This would be a wonderful framed image to always have.

Bring extra veil material to your photoshoot or have your photographer!

Wishful Thinking, originally uploaded by Leah Johnston.

I love what the photographer did her. I'm not sure how she managed this perfect shot, but there it is. The blue sky, the looped fabric. Incredible!

One of my favorite bridal images I've found recently. What a talent! And a beautiful bride with the details on her dress. Very free spirit.

wedding hair (Bridal hair - soft knot?) photo...

wedding hair, originally uploaded by rlonas.

I wish I knew how to describe this so the right bride (woman) will find it as it's a lovely updo! The photo note said it stayed in place all day and it's absolutely a gorgeous bridal hairstyle.

It's kind of soft braids or knots in layers horizontal across the bride's head tucked in to look like a loose french braid, but not.

I do not know how to describe this hair, but I love it! I'd suggest printing out the photo and, bringing it to your stylist.

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Snowy Winter Wedding - Bride & Groom

Alberta Winter Wedding, originally uploaded by Verlage Photo.

I just love this image . I love the bride's long flowing hair and also her sleeveless arms in the SNOWY photo.

Photo note:

Alberta Winter Wedding

A newly married couple walks down a snowy country road in central Alberta in February 2008.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Retro wedding bride & groom in vintage hats (photo)

My little retro wedding, originally uploaded by Marysam.

Love this look of the Grace Kelly 40's 50's glamour. The bride in a white Jackie O. hat with lace and white gloves, and the glamorous red lipstick. The groom in bow tie and white hat (what would we call that hat? Cuban style hat? Lounge hat? ) Very Frank Sinatra.

Great photo and classic style for this wedding!

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Tiki Lounge Hawaiian Retro Cake (photo)

The Coolest Wedding Cake Evah!, originally uploaded by ARKNTINA.

Very cool mod tiki lounge cake for the hipster Hawaii wedding.

Great geometric shapes!

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