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Used Vera Wang Wedding Dress (photo)

Used Vera Wang Wedding Dress, originally uploaded by OnceWed.

FOR SALE! $1600!!

If you're interested, go here:

Best Websites or Blogs to get Wedding Ideas

Here are some of the best places to get wedding ideas because these blogs aren't incredible known and offer the most stylish, unique, and beautiful ideas around. You will see that they are each detailed with great creative visuals to inspire you.

Here are some of my favorites so far, more to come!

Martha Stewart Weddings -- Great ideas! But beware, she wants you to do many of these on your own! Lots of work, but beautiful results. Get your bridesmaids together for a little help!

Once Wed - for previously worn wedding gowns and FANTASTIC glimpses at incredible weddings. Many ideas for themes or invitations.

WedLog: As she puts it, a fun and funky place for wedding planning. Great ideas!

Leigh Miller Photography Blog: If you like looking at photos of others weddings or need a good photographer in Southern California, check out this incredible site.

Style Me Pretty Blog: For the style obsessed bride-- another great place to get ideas on makeup & many other things

Bride & Groom Favor Boxes (photo)

Bride & Groom Favor Boxes, originally uploaded by Wedding Place.

These bride and groom favor boxes double as placecard holders and are a charming little touch to any place setting. Choose from the bride or groom. Bride measures 5 3/4" x 2 1/4". Groom measures 5 1/4" x 1 1/2".

新娘, 新郎禮盒+卡片夾

A unique way to namecard/ place card holders and favor boxes in one. Very darling.

unique wedding ideas, bride adn groom favor boxes boxs for wedding

Elegant, strapless bridesmaid dress (photo)

bridesmaids, originally uploaded by donny'swifey.

This beautiful strapless bridemaid dress is perfect for the late afternoon to evening wedding. Long gown with fitted strapless top. This slate color is a rich look for any wedding.

keywords: bride maid dresses, elegant bridemaid dress

Simple hairstyle for Bride in Strapless wedding dress (similar to vera wang) (photo)

This beautiful white layered dress with criss-crossing pieces down to create a softness looks wonderful with a simple elegant hairstyle on the bride.

When you have a unique or "busy" dress, the best hairstyles are simple, pulled back with a diamond or rhinestone comb, or even something with simple pears. Earrings but no necklace.

During the wedding, a delicate veil can be added to the hair for an elegant look

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Back view of gorgeous bride's updo with long veil & headband tiara (photo)

Almost tearful, originally uploaded by flexiyogini.

Here is a gorgeous formal updo with veil and dainty headband. Simple elegance.

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Literature Themed Wedding (photo) Even the Mad Hatter showed up!

Literary wedding ideas, Tea Party Cake

Photographer writes:
Literature Themed wedding ... the cake was alice in wonderland. Best Wedding Cake EVER! It tasted subperb, too!

Keywords: Wedding themes, Theme Weddings, Alice in Wonderland Cake, Alice in Wonderland theme Wedding, wonderful weddings ideas, unique weddings, unusual wedding ideas, unusual wedding cakes, unique wedding cakes, unique weddings, creating your own unique wedding,

alice-in-wonderland-cookies for theme wedding (photo)

Keywords: Wedding themes, Theme Weddings, Alice in Wonderland Cookies, Alice in Wonderland theme Wedding, wonderful weddings ideas, unique weddings, unusual wedding ideas, unusual wedding cookies snacks, unique wedding treats, unique weddings, creating your own unique wedding,

Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding Cake (photo)

Stuff 014, originally uploaded by Chris Arrant.

Beautiful Alice in Wonderland wedding cake with Alice on top and the hat.

From an Alice in Wonderland theme wedding.

Keywords: Wedding themes, Theme Weddings, Alice in Wonderland Cake, Alice in Wonderland theme Wedding, wonderful weddings ideas, unique weddings, unusual wedding ideas, unusual wedding cakes, unique wedding cakes, unique weddings, creating your own unique wedding,

Beautiful bride with hair pulled back in tiara and blue veil (photo)

Happy bride, originally uploaded by Indydan.

Lovely simple tiara with dramatic blue veil on this bride. The bright pink roses really make her stand out in a good way. I love how she was able to incorporate color into her wedding look.

Her hair is long, but in an updo with wavy hair tendrils to create a softness. Blue veil clipped in the back of her hair.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sepia Bride - Wedding Bridal Portrait with strapless gown and tiara updo hair - (photo)

Here's an formal updo for a brunette bride with dainy tiara added in. She has no veil, but just an elegant dress that highlights her back and silouhette.

This bridal hair is nice if you have a simple elegant gown and the rhinestone tiara makes every bride feel like a princess.

Photo is in black and white wiht bride looking down. Strapless wedding gown, white with just a wisp of hair on the side of her formal updo hairstyle.

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Bride Portrait with updo and tiara plus veil (photo)

If you're looking for a delicate tiara to wear in your hair, here's an idea.

This wedding look has the veil attached to the tiara in back. Also a halter wedding dress with autumn colors in the bouquet.

Her hair is dyed blonde and parted on the side. Wedding veil and tiara make a lovely touch for a little more regal look.

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Bride Portrait (photo)

Brides Portrait, originally uploaded by Pixzl Creative.

Here is a bride with a gorgeous bouquet of red Gerbera (Gerber) daisies mised with roses and greenery. Veil clipped to the back of her updo.

The bride's hairstyle is a brunette side part with auburn highlights.
She has ringlets and strands loose in the front which add a softness to her face. Her dress is a halter wedding gown that raps around her neck.

Also have your photographer photograph you from above to produce a beautiful portrait.

* * * *

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Bridal french twist hairstyle (photo)

i love my hair! a french twist, originally uploaded by faithfi.

Back view of a brunette bride with simple elegance of silk flower clips and bobbypins tucked into the curl of the French Twist. White flowers stand out wonderfully on this dark brunette bride

Keywords: french twist hairstyles from the back, back view photos of frech twist hair, Frenchtwist hairstyles for brides, bridal hair, wedding hair, best hair for your wedding, wedding hairstyles, bridal hairstyles

Bride's French Twist Hair with Orchid (photo)

french twist, originally uploaded by aidybaidy.

Looking for an easy beach hairstyle that will offer the beauty of your wedding and elegance, but not blowing crazy into your face? A classic style for any bride and any wedding (even the bridesmaid) is the French Twist.

You can make this look modern and fun by adding fresh flowers, here an orchid makes the bride a beauty on the beach.

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Bridal Updo Twists (photo)

All done!, originally uploaded by LisFace.

Back side view of an updo for a bride. Blond hair is twisted in pieces to create this look of large curls. a beautiful formal do that will look incredible beneath a veil or with flowers tucked in.

Keywords; updos for brides, bridal hair, hairstyles for brides, twist, many twists in an updo, formal bridal hair, formal wedding hair

Bridal Hair: French Twist back view (photo)

If you want a classic look for your wedding, try a French twist, veils can fit over it or tuck into it (if you had a comb) .

Bride writes:

French twist for the wedding. My veil will sit in the back. I also have a pearl comb I'll stick in it. Very classic, simple and elegant.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Photos of bridal hair (photo collage)

Hair, originally uploaded by lindsayplans.

Here are twelve photos of different hairstyles for brides and bridemaids.

hairstyles for brides,

pink & green lanterns for wedding decorations (photo)

Here's an easy inexpensive way to add a little color and style to your wedding--hang colored paper lanterns.

These are lovely round pink and green paper lanterns hung at different levels and you can also get these in different weddings.

wedding decorations

"Coral and Shells" with ruffled cupcakes Wedding Cake (photo)

If you have a nautical or beach themed wedding.

The photographer writes:

Rosa and Dave were married in Hawaii and came home to celebrate. This cake was inspired by their beach-theme. Cool blue fondant is decorated with handpainted chocolate seashells, shimmer-dusted pearls, and sugared royal icing coral. The cupcakes were done in a "lei" flower-like design.

keywords: shell wedding cakes, shells decorating wedding cakes, blue cake

Robot Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper Wood Statues with Base (photo)

Here's a great top of a wedding cake topper for two tech people who love robots

Robot Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper Wood Statues with Base 6

Photographer writes:

Robot Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper Wood Statues with Base

A great and unusual way to celebrate an upcoming wedding or anniversary, unless you are true robot fans than this would be normal! As always, my own design, I created this cute robotic couple standing together out of wood. The groom is dressed in the latest tuxedo with silver white shirt and dark bronze (the robot version of black) tux with black tie with a single gear flower boutonniere. The lovely bride is wearing a robotic white (bright silver) gown and matching veil with her heart button a light blush color. She carries a feshly made bouqet of finely detailed, real metal gear flowers on metal stems. Both are smiling...

Just about all wood except for a few tiny bits like the real metal, tiny detailed gears (even the bride's veil is wood!). This creation is about 5" long (or wide) at the base, the bride and broom figures themselves are about 3 1/2" high by about 3" wide, standing together (remember, 2 1/2 centimeters to an inch).

While this would make a fine cake top it would also be nice as a centerpiece or display table decoration and then nice keepsake for the couple. Consider it also for an anniversary party or, table top statue of an unusual bent...

Made almost 100% from wood unless stated otherwise (I sometimes use tiny amounts of other things) I use paint and many finishes, often metallic, and make sure a lot of details shine through, often even the wood grain itself despite high tech themes. They maintain an often retro, sometimes even rustic look and feel to them, like an "olde worlde" toy or something (some more so than others ... I am told that surprisingly many do not even look like they are wood, but like metal or some manmade material... you can usually tell by the photos).

Made of Wood! Part of my "Retro Tech" line ... I build a lot of different things like ray guns, robots, rocket ships, flying saucers, other machines, telescopes and more in many different formats from full size prop replicas to miniatures, Christmas ornaments, jewelry, pendants, etc ... see my main site found through my profile which has many more photos and information. I do a lot of classic looks, but am expanding into more modern and a lot of steampunk, too!


Wedding toppers, unique wedding toppers

Japanese Wedding Bride (photo)

Photographer writes:
Taken at the Meiji Jinja with Nate-san... Trying to get a slight vintage look

* * * *

Beautiful Asian bride with headpiece and makeup, Japanese wedding tradition, Japan bride

Egyptian Themed Wedding Cake by Charm City Cakes (photo)

Our Wedding Cake, originally uploaded by thepalmtrees.

Beautiful unique cake with an Egyptian feel!

The bridge writes:

Our Egyptian-themed wedding cake, courtesy of the folks at Charm City Cakes. For those of you not familiar with CCC, they're the bakery featured on the show Ace of Cakes. Not only did the cake look amazing, it tasted incredible! Unfortunately, the only taste we got was when we initially cut the cake. The folks working at the place we had our reception cut the pieces too big, so there was none left for us! But, the good people at Charm City Cakes even managed to take care of that. When they heard we didn't get a piece of our own wedding cake, they said to call us on our 1 year anniversary and they would make us a smaller version. True to their word, they prepared another cake, about the size of the top layer of the original, with decorations and everything. This time, we ate every last bite!

If you're looking for a wedding cake (or any other type of cake for that matter), I can't recommend Charm City Cakes enough!

This photo was taken by the wonderful ladies at Three Blondes and a Camera. If you live in the Mid-Atlantic area, and are looking for a photographer for your wedding, etc., I couldn't recommend them enough.

Keywords: Egypt Wedding Cake, Charm City Cakes, Unusual Wedding Cakes,

Nautical Themed Wedding Cupcakes (photo)

Photographer writes:

I did these today for a New Idea Magazine kids shoot. They wanted a nautical theme. I don't know how well they'll be seen in the magazine. (fingers crossed you can see them!) I realised I LOVE painting! I must do more with modelled decorations as I enjoyed doing them. (I made the designs up myself so was pleased they turned out).

Wedding cupcake ideas, wedding cupcake theme wedding

Spring! with handmade marzipan lemons

Pale yellow buttercream icing with spring green tree branches and foliage "climbing" the tiers. A pair (and a half) of marzipan lemons are the simple topper that complemented the wedding decoration and theme.

Wedding cake,

Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake (photo)

Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake, originally uploaded by cupcaketastic.

Search this website for more wedding cakes--

If you want a whimsical wedding cake, check out this cake. Look at these colors--red, blue, yellow.

Photographer writes:

Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake
My first wedding cake!

Red & Yellow Tiers - Rich Chocolate Butter Cake, filled with Espresso Italian Buttercream

Blue Tiers - Fresh Orange Buttercake, filled with Marmalade Italian Buttercream

Cake covered and styled with White Chocolate Flavoured Fondant, all decorations made from same fondant.

Does anyone know who developed this design, I need to thank them and give them credit for their fab work.

SugarLove has pointed me in the right direction with this comment

"This cake was designed by the owner of Polly's Cakes"

The original picture I found is on flickr at

Unique wedding cakes, unusual wedding cakes, whimsy wedding cakes, wedding ideas, photos of wedding cakes

Decorations for a fun Outdoor Wedding - floating flowers (photo)

floating flowers, originally uploaded by pixietart.

These crepe paper flowers are a beautiful touch to a forest wedding or one in the woods. Use fishing line to create the look of floating or flying flowers.

These are in yellow, red, and white. Mix throughout the area so guests have something follow. These would look lovely in the garden.

keywords: unusual wedding ideas, unique wedding decorations, crepe paper flower decorations, how to decorate for an outside wedding, wedding decorations for a garden wedding.

Wedding Cupcakes with Icing Flowers (photo)

Individual cupcakes is a new way to have special cakes for each person at your wedding.

Beautiful wedding cupcakes in place of one large cake.

Photographer writes:

These were for the last of the photo shoot photos for Modern Weddings Cake Annual.
I had to do 6 cakes...(I did 2 last week) as usual I started these at the last minute (yesterday arvo...yikes!!) but luckily had most of the decorations done (& used old ones)......


Wedding Cake ideas

How to decorate with fabric for a wedding -CEILING (photo)

wedding decoration, originally uploaded by Flowers by Alis.

More ideas for how to decorate for an ugly ceiling below.


Wedding decorations, fabric, decorating using fabric, decorating ceiling, creating a regal wedding, wedding photos

How to hide an ugly ceiling at your wedding (photo)

wedding decoration, originally uploaded by Flowers by Alis.

Use large pieces of fabric to disguise an unattractive ceiling tiles. More photos of this wedding above.

Rustic Wedding Decorations (photo)

Rustic Wedding Decorations, originally uploaded by OnceWed.

Rustic/outdoor wedding decorations created by the incredible smallstump. Blogged about on

{Photos & Items c/o}

Great decorations for anyone who is having a rustic downhome wedding. Beautiful stuff

Wedding Streamers for Bride and Groom Exit (photo)

I loved these streamers!, originally uploaded by mcclouds.

From A Classy Touch:

A Classy Touch writes:

These streamers flow out at a slower pace than ordinary throwables so they are wonderful for photo shoots! You put a finger through the loop of the capsule, hold the capsule turned upward in hand, remove the lid and throw over-handed toward the bride and groom. The streamers unravel in every direction to create an exciting splash of color yet the capsule remains anchored to your hand for easy clean-up. This is a great substitute for rice or ordinary throwables as they have the desired effect of covering the couple. This is not confetti!

They are easily recovered as you simply gather all the cups and throw them away with the streamers attached. These are accepted by most churches, synagogues and reception sites as there is no clean up! These are sold in boxes of 24 per color. A box of 24 white or pastel is $55.92.
* * * *

Bride writes:

I found this idea online (super easy cleanup as they stay attached to the ends) and looked all over the place for them. I was finally able to find only one box in a store I never would have expected to have them. One box was more than enough! I thought they were a fun alternative to rice and bubbles!

TO see more favors and ideas to say goodbye to the bride and groom search this site or look at the two posts below on Wedding wands

Wedding favors, unusual wedding favors, streamers with easy clean up, wedding streamers

Wedding Wands made with ribbon (photo)

ribbons, originally uploaded by MonicaSmoot.

Here's a great photo of homemade wedding wands with ribbon. You can make these yourself

see link:

and use them as table decorations until the guestsare ready to see the bride and groom leave. Put wedding wands in a glass with some ribbon or streamers at the bottom of the glass for color and you are set!

An easy way to decorate and give your guests a great memento of your special day.

For links on where to buy wedding wands, see the post below or just google "Wedding Wands"

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What Can I Use instead of Rice or Bubbles? (Answer & Photo)

SJP0986.JPG, originally uploaded by Susie Ellsworth.

If you want something other than the normal rice (which is dangerous for birds), birdseed (which is just messy), bubbles (which are wet), there is another option that your guests can take home... WEDDING STREAMERS!

Where to buy WEDDING WANDS? Look below--

You can even have them personalized here:

Little Things Favors

Or here at Candy Coated Weddings:

Or Halo Heaven:


Or go if you want to MAKE YOUR OWN WEDDING WANDS

"Wedding wands are the fun alternative to tossing rice, birdseed, confetti or bubbles at the happy couple as they leave the reception and to welcome the new "Mr & Mrs" to the reception. Wedding wands are normally made of lightweight plastic with a long streamer of ribbon attached to it. Normally, the ribbon is personalized or contains a printed message such as "Happily Ever After" or "This Day I Married My Friend". Purchasing pre-made wedding wands require some assembly, so why not make your own? For the do-it-yourself, crafty brides this is an easy and relatively inexpensive project to make for your wedding."

Follow this link--

Good ideas to remember to match yoru color scheme, vary lengths, and personalize them so your guests have a memento to take home with them.

* * *

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Wedding Cake Flowers with Gerbera Daisy (photo)

Wedding Cake Flowers, originally uploaded by Amanda X.

Welcome to Your Best Wedding, the blog that focuses on the best things about wedding, including wedding hair!

In this photo though, we have a classic touch to your wedding cake, fresh flowers. The pink one that looks like a daisy is called a Gerber or Gerbera Daisy. There are also white Gerber Daisies with black centers that look velvet if you are having an evening wedding.

Also, you can add Gerber Daisies to your own bouquet or your bridesmaids' bouquets. They come in many different colors so they can match the most unique color scheme.

We also have two small roses in red orange colors on this cake. A classic look for any wedding. Also, notice the simple pearl detail on the cake.

Wedding cakes with flowers, Gerber daisies in weddings, orange roses, white wedding cakes, classic weddings, welcome to your best wedding!

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