Friday, March 26, 2010

bead rhinestone hair ribbon for brides

beadazzled ribbon, originally uploaded by MadelineRO5E.

beadazzled ribbon looks like a small tiara for brides.

Bridal headbands,

40's Glamour wedding hairstyle (photo)

wavy hair, originally uploaded by MadelineRO5E.

Long wavy hair made to look like a bob.

Glamour, classic, simple hair for your wedding day. Love the simple antique rhinestone/diamond clip

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Irish Wedding claddaugh stamps (photo)

For your wedding invitations. A perfect touch for the Irish bride and groom.

Irish Bride & a Guinness beer (photo) great hairstyle too!

Irish Wedding, originally uploaded by White Ryan.

Love her hairstyle with the delicate headband and updo.

For the Irish Bride or the St. Patrick's day bride (Irish wedding garter- photo)

irish wedding garter, originally uploaded by gartersbygingersnap.

Love this! A lucky four leaf clover on the leg the bride.

Green garter with ribbon and lace.

Garters by Gingersnap! Follow the links back to purchase.

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Great ideas from an Irish Wedding (collage photo)

An Irish Wedding, originally uploaded by finestationery.

Photo note:

An Irish Wedding

Whether your family is from Ireland or you're simply planning a wedding around St. Patrick's Day, Irish accents will help give your event unique flair that will certainly make for a memorable ceremony and reception.

In addition to a traditional fruit cake covered in marzipan, serve these Guinness and Irish Creme cupcakes -- Flickr user cheval culotte/ une-deux senses

Dress your bridesmaids in a luxurious emerald green -- The Knot

Instead of a signature cocktail, serve Jameson Irish Whiskey on the rocks -- The Classy Geek

Accent your affair with pale pink floral arrangements -- The Knot

Send guests this festive white and green wedding invitation -- FineStationery

Hire bagpipers to play during the ceremony -- Slate

Exchange traditional diamond claddagh rings (I've used these before, but I just love them!) -- Linda Clifford

St. Patrick's Day wedding ideas and details...

Since St. Patrick's day is on the way, here are some images from a Saint Patrick's day wedding.

Will also post some Irish wedding ideas as well.

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