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Short hairstyle for brides (photo) back view

Halloween Wedding, originally uploaded by duckey060504.

here's the front and back view of a hairstyle for brides with short hair. a elegant headband, sleeker in the front and poufier in the back creates a great look

Also, here's the back view of the red wedding dress and you can see it's a lace-down corset styled look.

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Halloween Wedding Dress - Red side view

Halloween Wedding, originally uploaded by duckey060504.

She looks great in this dress and I love that she did simple hair and little jewelry or it would have been too much.

You can see the detailing on the dress with this photo.

There's another photo of the back of her hair which is a great look for anyone with short hair who is looking for a nice style as the bride.

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Halloween Wedding - Red Wedding Dress (photo)

Halloween Wedding, originally uploaded by duckey060504.

Beautiful bride who pulled off a red wedding dress with rhinestone details. Her short bob hair looks perfect back in a headband.

I'll see if I can find another photo of the bride who looks lovely, so you can see the full dress

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Halloween's Groom cake

Halloween's Groom cake, originally uploaded by cyberandy28.

Vanilla cake w/ peanut butter filling

Bride & Groom ghosts treats for wedding (photo)

photo note:

Fondant ghosts with pink bow and veil, top hat and bow tie, made as a test for Halloween wedding cupcakes.

day of the dead cake - halloween wedding cake (photo)

I love this Day of the Dead cake for a Halloweentime wedding!

I'm posting my favorite images from Halloween weddings today so watch for things if you're planning a Halloween/autumn wedding or are just interested.

"Bewitching" (showing moon) Wedding Cake

Halloween Wedding Cake by GLASS SLIPPER GOURMET

Photo note:
Of course... A Halloween wedding! All tiers are iced in fondant. The lower was airbrushed with black then overpiped with buttercream in random swirls and circles. The middle tier has buttercream "bones" swagging with dangling skulls and crawling hands. The top tier is a creepy, whimisical graveyard scene complete with tombstones, scary tree, cloud shaded harvest moon, black widow's web and bats! Trick or Treat!

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Halloween Wedding

Photo note:

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Wedding Reception - Halloween 2008

Photo by: George E. Norkus Photography

What a great idea! To have your wedding reception on your lawn on Halloween night while trick or treaters walk by!! This is a GREAT idea for any couple that LOVES Halloween!

I have a lot more Halloween wedding ideas and photos I'll be putting up since it's around the corner!

Photo note:

While covering a wedding reception, a strange thing happened when the moon came out!

Here is a Halloween photo I took at the annual "Terror on Tillson Street" Halloween setup in Romeo, Michigan.

This is something anyone can see just by driving your car down the street.

On the near two dozen houses on the short street, an owner told me they have just over 2,000 trick-or-treaters on that night.

(Blocked off by the police on Halloween night. Foot traffic then only.)

George E. Norkus Photography

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beautiful Updo for the bride! (photo)

Adjusting the Veil, originally uploaded by

Wow, everything is working right for this bride! She looks lovely.

She has a formal updo, slicked back tight (like a ballerina's hair) and then the big loops of curls in the back. The veil is about midway down and goes down her back past her waist.

She has gorgeous detail on her dress (which is a strapless) with perfect synching in the waist to produce a lovely hourglass silouhette.

I love the way the detail on her waist angles down. Her hair, her gown, and even the small necklace she chose is all perfect.

Yes, steal this wedding look for yourself. Classic. Elegant. Beautiful. Very Grace Kelly like.

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From a Vietnamese wedding (photo)

, originally uploaded by v i e t n g u y e n ™.

For the bride who loves color!

Love the fan and the detail on this colorful bridal outfit.

Wedding Dog (photo)

, originally uploaded by housden photos.

I think dog lovers (and owners) should have their best man be their dog (seriously!) Man's best friend and actually, if you have a well-behaved dog (I could never have my dog at my wedding or everything would be ruined and knocked down), I think it's very sweet to include your pup if possible.

And look at the cute photos you get when you do.

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Bride with Red Sash on Gown (photo)

, originally uploaded by Anastasia Eganova.

I would have never thought I'd like red color on a bridal gown, but I love this splash of red as a sash on this wedding dress.

It works perfectly with the bouquet.

Partners in Crime (wedding photo)

BrownWedding (1 of 1)-3, originally uploaded by ChristaWatson.

I just loved this black and white pose of this bride and groom.

Country Bride (photo)

Doug and Bianca, originally uploaded by the PhotoPhreak.

I thought this was a gorgeous satin gown and love the flats!

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