Friday, August 15, 2008

short hair with flower for bride (side view photo)

I think that's a lily in her hair, and what a lovely hairstyle for this elegant bride.

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anniemarie said...

is there a way to post a picture of the other side, or even describe it? i have short hair and this is exactly what i want for my wedding... only with daisies

so in love with this picture!!!

anniemarie said...
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Kelly said...

Anniemarie, I looked but couldn't find one. Her hair is layered and short in teh back so the layers are flipped up loosely.

Wish I had a photo! I'd suggest printing this photo out and bringing it to your stylist.

anniemarie said...

i took a picture of it on my phone. that's what iam going to bring in with me. but thank you anyways for your help, i'm sure that we can figure out something that will look nice (fingers crossed)

Anonymous said...

I love this hairstyle and would love to use it for my daughter's wedding. Unfortunately, I took the picture to my hair stylist and she said the picture doesn't show enough as to how to style the other side and back. :(

Unknown said...

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