Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beatles Wedding Cake! (photo)

Very cool wedding cake, originally uploaded by Oh! NoNo Joe!.

In the spirit of YELLOW SUBMARINE, here are George, Paul, John & Ringo with the rainbow and the psychedelic wedding cake with the yellow submarine on top.

A great wedding cake for Beatles' fans!

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Anonymous said...

My daughter's sweet 16 is in two weeks and when we saw this photo at work we decided she had to have this cake. My friend Jennifer is making it....she already done a practice cake and it's absolutely adorable!! My daughter is going to be so excited...this cake goes perfectly with her Bealtes themed sweet 16!!! so glad we saw your photo.....thanks!!

Kelly said...

Happy Sweet 16 to your daughter! And glad I was able to help!!

Megan said...

Oh my! I want this! I wouldn't eat it though, that's way too cool

Kellynewman said...

Where did you get the yellow submarine or did you make it?

Kelly said...


I think this was at a cake show. You can always bring it to your best local baker (someone who does the funky stuff) and ask for something like it.

Sorry I don't have more info.


forrest said...

My daughter made this cake when she was 16 and entered it into a cake show in Austin Texas. This is her cake

Kelly said...


Your daughter made this when she was 16?!! WOW! I am truly amazed.

Did she go on to be a baker or chef?

It is truly a work of art. I hope she won, I can't imagine her not winning with this!


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