Sunday, August 25, 2013

cutest wedding topper

cutest wedding topper by pengrin™
cutest wedding topper, a photo by pengrin™ on Flickr.

For the comic book lovers-- Superman and Wonder Woman cake topper!

#geek wedding #geekwedding

Our Surfboard Wedding Guestbook

Unique idea for a guestbook.

Perfect for surfers, paddleboarder, SUP fans, beach or Parrotheads.

Surf Board Wedding unique #guestbook
Via Flickr:
Our Surfboard Wedding Guestbook

Photos from or you can follow her on Twitter at

Easy wedding centerpiece DIY

Glass tray from dollar shop:

4 candles

plastic (or real glass) beads with your wedding color(s)

3 roses

Or any alternative of this. Looks great on the food table for a simple decoration.

#wedding decorations #DIY

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