Friday, December 18, 2009

How to Deal with Rain at a Wedding (photo)

I know people aren't hoping it rains at their wedding, but it makes great wedding shots! Plus, it's considered good luck.

I love the bride and groom under the umbrella, plus the bride's updo, classic blonde glamour updo

And great photograher in Virginia Beach: John Cachero. Great work!

Virginia Beach weddings:

Photo note:

John Cachero Photography had the pleasure of photographing April and Jonathan, who celebrated their wedding ceremony at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Norfolk, Virginia and their wedding reception at The Cape Henry Inn And Beach Club in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

This portrait was taken while Hurricane Bill hovered just off the Virginia Beach coast.

View the photos larger on the full blog post at

Hawaii Bride (photo)

Irena, originally uploaded by James Rubio.

If you're in Hawaii, I found this great photographer for you- James Rubio. Here's an image of his.

I love the bride's lacy train here. It's a very romantic look, plus the delicateness juxtaposed to the cement road looks great.

Follow the links back to find him if you're in Hawaii and looking for a wedding photographer.

iPhone wedding photo

Great idea for a modern wedding photo. Love this image of the bride and groom.

Damask Wedding Cake (photo)

Damask Wedding Cake, originally uploaded by Crazy Cake Lady.

More from Crazy Cake Lady (see above post)

Her cakes are gorgeous! Definitely not crazy, but maybe crazy about cakes.

Here's her note:

The bride wanted to incorporate the damask pattern that was used throughout her wedding so we chose to represent the full pattern on the bottom tier and use variations of the pattern for the top two to mix it up a bit.

keywords: wedding cakes, crazy cake lady cakes, best wedding cakes.

Bird Silhouette Wedding Cake (photo)

Love this. By Crazy Cake Lady (

Here's her note:

Wedding cake inspired by the invitations designed by the bride and bridesmaid. Check out my blog post for more details:

* * *
If you can find someone who can take an image off your invitations to use on your cake, what a way to tie things together. I just love this. Very Anthropologie.

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