Sunday, December 30, 2012

British Wedding UK

IMG_5960 by tompagenet
IMG_5960, a photo by tompagenet on Flickr.

I love the wedding photos from England, they are so beautiful. And I love the women who attend and their hats.

GORGEOUS bride and gown. So elegant.

Bouquet with Memory Photo in Locket

KS_Wedding_31 by kerotab
KS_Wedding_31, a photo by kerotab on Flickr.

What a beautiful way to pay tribute to someone who isn't at your wedding because they passed.

This is one of the most beautiful things I've seen. And the bouquet is gorgeous. SO vibrant!

Theme Wedding: Movies

KS_Wedding_34 by kerotab
KS_Wedding_34, a photo by kerotab on Flickr.

The same couple that saved all their movie tickets had tables by movie title name.

Cute idea! And love the colors.

Cute Idea for a wedding--

KS_Wedding_32 by kerotab
KS_Wedding_32, a photo by kerotab on Flickr.

This couple had saved all their movie tickets together since their first date...

Wedding ideas.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Congratulations Washington State! First same-sex Marriage at Elliott Bay Books in Seattle!

Elliott Bay Books shared this wonderful photo on Facebook, Sunday, December 9th, 2012 with the note:

We were honoured this morning to have our first same-sex marriage in the store! Congratulations Amy and Jeri!!

So happy to see Washington State for seeing that love is love.  I am glad they are on the right side of history!  


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Two Brides

Sharing cake! by Jenni + Karen + Jadon
Sharing cake!, a photo by Jenni + Karen + Jadon on Flickr.

Love the vintage style of these two brides.

Scottish Wedding...

O'Connell Wedding by Michelle O'Connell
O'Connell Wedding, a photo by Michelle O'Connell on Flickr.

Beautiful church. Beautiful couple. Traditional kilt. UK

International weddings.

In Honor of Marriage Equality!

I found this on Flicker and wanted to share.

Via Flickr:
This is my way of showing support to Robert Brown and Nathanael Gay.

Back in September, they were married in a handsomely heart-warming ceremony recorded for posterity via a video photo montage showing themselves along with supportive friends and family in nuptial celebrations.

No doubt after considerable thought, the new couple decided to share their special moment with the larger world by placing the video on the web where it has garnered a great deal of supportive praise despite the occasional ignorant and negative comments from the usual evil homophobic trolls.

(Note: If needed, refresh page to see full video. Or, watch it on YouTube)

I can't stop smiling.
Guys, all the best in the world to you.

Paper Crane Garland

Paper Crane Garland by u-murrayhusted
Paper Crane Garland, a photo by u-murrayhusted on Flickr.


Cake Topper Paper Crane

Cake Topper by u-murrayhusted
Cake Topper, a photo by u-murrayhusted on Flickr.

Orange flower cake topper.

wedding cake made out of divorce papers

Okay, I know this is a wedding site, but I LOVE this paper Divorce Cake made of divorce papers.

Via Flickr:
sculpture project
(credit: carl taught me how to make the flowers - THANK YOU!)
still have to add the cake topper, which will be bride and groom with backs turned to each other.

Super Cute handmade Paper Cake Topper

Mr and Mrs Forman-Wong by juliusbulius
Mr and Mrs Forman-Wong, a photo by juliusbulius on Flickr.

Adorable Bride & Groom

wedding cakes.

Via Flickr:
My friend Mike and Tara got married over the weekend. I had the honor of making some wedding toppers for one of their cakes. I've never done something this analog, but pretty stoked on how they turned out.

Will definitely try paper cut outs a little more soon.

Julius Santiago

Sweet wedding display.

  by stef_thomp
, a photo by stef_thomp on Flickr.

New Zealand wedding.

Wedding Cake from New Zealand (paper arts)

  by stef_thomp
, a photo by stef_thomp on Flickr.

Wedding cake from New Zealand. Wedding cake with cake topper made of paper.

International wedding cakes.

Wedding In Istanbul

Brides In Istanbul by A.Currell
Brides In Istanbul, a photo by A.Currell on Flickr.

Bride and groom in Istabul in princess dress.

international bridal looks,

Full veil over bride

Ron-Madz.Wedding.02 by gino.mempin
Ron-Madz.Wedding.02, a photo by gino.mempin on Flickr.

Brocade dress with full traditional veil.

Via Flickr:
here comes the bride.. :)

bridal looks, bridal ideas.

Classic simple bride look

Laura & Ben-003 by Bert Palmer
Laura & Ben-003, a photo by Bert Palmer on Flickr.

I love this clean classic pulled back look.

Bridal hairstyles. Bride hairstyles.

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