Friday, August 15, 2008

Darling bridal hairstyle for brides with short hair (photo with tiara)

Tiffany Blue wedding, originally uploaded by weddingssc.

This is a great bridal hairstyle for brunette brides with short hair and bangs. She looks very elegant, also a good style for strapless gowns.

tiaras on brides

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Flickr poster writes:

Tiffany Blue wedding
Choosing a wedding theme can be a bride’s biggest decision. Will you opt for a fun beach theme for you Myrtle Beach wedding, or maybe a black and white Victorian affair. Personally I’m going for a 5th avenue inspired Tiffany Blue and Silver.


By choosing the theme first, a bride can make the planning process go a lot smoother. For example, my theme is reflected in my dress. (Click here to see dress. No peeking Matthew), my cake, wedding invitations, and the list goes on. If you pick a color theme, like me, consider matching your color to a paint chip (or Pantone, if you can get your hands on a swatch book). I carry my Tiffany Blue swatch (Pantone 318C, for you curious Tiffany Blue brides out there) in my wallet. This makes it easy for me to whip it out when shopping for the wedding.

Christmas ThemeIf choose another theme, like palmetto trees or Christmas wreaths, consider carrying an inspiration image, that has the colors and feel of your wedding. Do you want a craft feel to your Christmas wedding with Fair Isle patterning, or do you want a formal Christmas theme, straight from Biltmore house? The best advice I can give you is to choose early, and stick to what you choose, for a unified look to your wedding.

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I want that dress how do I find it

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