Saturday, March 6, 2010

Great ideas from an Irish Wedding (collage photo)

An Irish Wedding, originally uploaded by finestationery.

Photo note:

An Irish Wedding

Whether your family is from Ireland or you're simply planning a wedding around St. Patrick's Day, Irish accents will help give your event unique flair that will certainly make for a memorable ceremony and reception.

In addition to a traditional fruit cake covered in marzipan, serve these Guinness and Irish Creme cupcakes -- Flickr user cheval culotte/ une-deux senses

Dress your bridesmaids in a luxurious emerald green -- The Knot

Instead of a signature cocktail, serve Jameson Irish Whiskey on the rocks -- The Classy Geek

Accent your affair with pale pink floral arrangements -- The Knot

Send guests this festive white and green wedding invitation -- FineStationery

Hire bagpipers to play during the ceremony -- Slate

Exchange traditional diamond claddagh rings (I've used these before, but I just love them!) -- Linda Clifford

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