Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What Can I Use instead of Rice or Bubbles? (Answer & Photo)

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If you want something other than the normal rice (which is dangerous for birds), birdseed (which is just messy), bubbles (which are wet), there is another option that your guests can take home... WEDDING STREAMERS!

Where to buy WEDDING WANDS? Look below--

You can even have them personalized here:

Little Things Favors

Or here at Candy Coated Weddings:

Or Halo Heaven:


Or go if you want to MAKE YOUR OWN WEDDING WANDS

"Wedding wands are the fun alternative to tossing rice, birdseed, confetti or bubbles at the happy couple as they leave the reception and to welcome the new "Mr & Mrs" to the reception. Wedding wands are normally made of lightweight plastic with a long streamer of ribbon attached to it. Normally, the ribbon is personalized or contains a printed message such as "Happily Ever After" or "This Day I Married My Friend". Purchasing pre-made wedding wands require some assembly, so why not make your own? For the do-it-yourself, crafty brides this is an easy and relatively inexpensive project to make for your wedding."

Follow this link--

Good ideas to remember to match yoru color scheme, vary lengths, and personalize them so your guests have a memento to take home with them.

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Anonymous said...

Rice is not dangerous for birds.

wedding bridal hair and makeup said...

Glad to come across to your blog and find something useful for wedding!Thx for sharing!

Cosmopolitan Events said...

This is one of our brides, the wedding had so many beautiful details. Thanks for posting it!

Josie Littlepage
Cosmopolitan Events
St. Louis Missouri

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