Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wedding Streamers for Bride and Groom Exit (photo)

I loved these streamers!, originally uploaded by mcclouds.

From A Classy Touch:

A Classy Touch writes:

These streamers flow out at a slower pace than ordinary throwables so they are wonderful for photo shoots! You put a finger through the loop of the capsule, hold the capsule turned upward in hand, remove the lid and throw over-handed toward the bride and groom. The streamers unravel in every direction to create an exciting splash of color yet the capsule remains anchored to your hand for easy clean-up. This is a great substitute for rice or ordinary throwables as they have the desired effect of covering the couple. This is not confetti!

They are easily recovered as you simply gather all the cups and throw them away with the streamers attached. These are accepted by most churches, synagogues and reception sites as there is no clean up! These are sold in boxes of 24 per color. A box of 24 white or pastel is $55.92.
* * * *

Bride writes:

I found this idea online (super easy cleanup as they stay attached to the ends) and looked all over the place for them. I was finally able to find only one box in a store I never would have expected to have them. One box was more than enough! I thought they were a fun alternative to rice and bubbles!

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