Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Egyptian Themed Wedding Cake by Charm City Cakes (photo)

Our Wedding Cake, originally uploaded by thepalmtrees.

Beautiful unique cake with an Egyptian feel!

The bridge writes:

Our Egyptian-themed wedding cake, courtesy of the folks at Charm City Cakes. For those of you not familiar with CCC, they're the bakery featured on the show Ace of Cakes. Not only did the cake look amazing, it tasted incredible! Unfortunately, the only taste we got was when we initially cut the cake. The folks working at the place we had our reception cut the pieces too big, so there was none left for us! But, the good people at Charm City Cakes even managed to take care of that. When they heard we didn't get a piece of our own wedding cake, they said to call us on our 1 year anniversary and they would make us a smaller version. True to their word, they prepared another cake, about the size of the top layer of the original, with decorations and everything. This time, we ate every last bite!

If you're looking for a wedding cake (or any other type of cake for that matter), I can't recommend Charm City Cakes enough!

This photo was taken by the wonderful ladies at Three Blondes and a Camera. If you live in the Mid-Atlantic area, and are looking for a photographer for your wedding, etc., I couldn't recommend them enough.

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wedding bridal hair and makeup said...

The cake is so creative.I like it .Thx for sharing.

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