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Wedding Gloves

Wedding Gloves, originally uploaded by weddingssc.

Here's a gorgeous classic updo for a bride who wants elegance. Hair pulled back directly off face into a bun. Detailed beaded wreath around hairbun and simple earrings and necklace with this strapless gown. Also, white gloves

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Photographer writes:

Wedding Gloves
Okay we know the basics of wedding accessories. Gloves, rings, and tiaras, are all popular choices for South Carolina Brides. But what else is out their?

myfairladyHats: Maybe hats are a little out of vogue for the modern South Carolina wedding. But they are still hitting it big in England among wedding guest. A truly daring bride could pull off a hat, if she was wearing a simple dress. Perhaps have a Churchill Downs or My Fair Lady wedding theme, and request that all women wear hats. It would be a fun addition that no guest would soon forget.

combCombs: Combs are becoming a hot item for the fashion forward bride. Big name designers, like Christian Garcia, have started producing such detailed combs, that they are being classified as “Hair Art”

Flip flopFlip Flops: Flip Flops are not just for the honeymoon, ladies. If you are having a wedding on the beaches of South Carolina flip flops will make your walk down the isle much smoother than heels. Many bridal stores sell white flip flops for between $12 and $90. If you want a good deal on flip flops, consider swinging by Target or Old Navy. Target sells many flip flops for about $1 during the spring and summer, and Old Navy drops the price on their flip flops to between $1 and $5 in the fall. You may find some better deals in your area, so shop around, and don’t get talked into spending $20 on a pair of flip flops just because they have the word bride on the bottom.

broochBrooches: A beautiful brooch can last a life time. Detailing is hot on the runway (detailing is also one of the marks of houte couture garments) and a well placed brooch can look hand beading. Brooches look best on dresses with fairly simple tops. You can spend $10 on a cheap brooch online, or thousands on a diamond encrusted brooch that can be passed down though the generations.

Remember ladies, shop around, and don’t by something just because some sells person says it will look great with your dress. Get the best deal.

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