Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kenley's Feather Wedding Dress from Project Runway (photo) next to Alexander McQueen

Kenley Collins from Project Runway makes a gorgeous feather wedding dress for the final episode of Project Runway. Absolutely gorgeous. Michael Kors says it reminds him of Alexander McQueen's ostrich wedding gown.

Here are the two side by side! I actually think Kenley's is better! So beautiful! (She was my favorite on Project Runway).

What a magical wedding gown!

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vwhippie said...

have you seen this dress or a similar one for sale?? I want it to wear to prom SOOOOO badly!! :0

Kelly said...

The "knockoffs" haven't seen to hit the stores yet. I have also looked for this recently to see what's available for sale and I've been disappointed to find nothing even close (the closest would be this style but with tulle, but even those gowns seem to be longer).

If I find this for sale in my research, I'll post it here (on this post) and on this website so you have the link.

Good luck to you, it's an awesome dress.

Herman said...

I bought this dress from Kenley Collins last winter. The dress is stunning in person. I plan to wear it for my wedding in the summer of 2010. I would like to sell it after the ceremony. It was constructed with two rows of hook and eye closures in order to fit sizes 0-6. She gave me additional feathers, so it can easily be altered. If interested please email me.

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