Sunday, February 22, 2009

Beach wedding, orchid bouquet, lovely updo on the bride (photo)

IMG_1060, originally uploaded by AJG1957.

A lovely beach wedding the bride with a striking and elegant updo. She also has a lovely backless gown.

The groom is a little more beach casual, which you can get away with at beach weddings, which can be nice for guys who aren't used to getting dressed up.

Lovely photo!

Side view of blond updo's, formal hair for brides, hair ideas for brides and beach wedddings.


tracy said...

Love the photo you looked beautiful
we perform Destin Beach Weddings in Florida and your sand looks sugar white like ours.

Anonymous said...

Destin Weddings are romantic and beautiful, i also love your picture

Anonymous said...

Destin Weddings are beautiful in Florida

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