Monday, March 9, 2009

Simple Wedding Ceremony (photo)

ceremony, originally uploaded by gretchen_erdmann.

This is to show that weddings do not have to have the princess gown, the tiara, the expensive flowers to be elegant and lovely.

I love this bride's dress, the long pearls and her hair. I think in times where the economy is rough, you can have a lovely wedding without going broke.

Also, many times, you can get lovely dresses at Nordstrom in their designer section that look like wedding dresses, though they aren't necessarily wedding dresses. But they are much less!

The art of the wedding is realizing that whatever you decide to call a wedding gown or a wedding dress-- IS! You can be married in a $16000 Vera Wang dress or in something a little more simple and use the money for a better honeymoon, or a house, or to put in savings.

It's very easy to get carried away. I think my next blog posts will be on simple weddings and maybe some ways to save money. Along with wonderful hairstyle ideas for brides. Enjoy!

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