Wednesday, March 21, 2012

UK Wedding Confetti

Highlight glow 2 by keith robins
Highlight glow 2, a photo by keith robins on Flickr.

And how to create the highlight glow on photoshop.

Via Flickr:
To create a highlight glow like this, open an image and do all your normal photoshop work. Then go to Select and choose Colour Range. Click in the choices box and clck on Highlights. Now all the highlights are selected hold down Control and press the J key to Create a Copy Layer containing just the highlights.
Changing the Blending Mode of the new layer to Screen causes the image to look overcooked, but don't worry.
Go to Filter, Blur, Gaussian Blur and take it up around 70 to 80 pixels, again this may seem a little too much.
Now use the Opacity slider to modify the glowing blur until it's an acceptable almost subtle glow.
Next, add a layer Mask and a black brush with an Opacity of 20 to 25% to help reduce any overly burnt out highlights.
What should be left is an image with pleasantly glowing highlights which extend out across the nearby darker areas.

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