Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Heart Wedding Tattoo

The Ink. by vmarinelli
The Ink., a photo by vmarinelli on Flickr.

Love this retro tattoo with the initials inside the heart and banner.

She wrote great info below and great info to find her on Flickr.

Read this---
Via Flickr:
I'll have better shots (taken with other than my blackberry) up some other time (after it's healed - it's in that feels-like-a-sunburn stage), but yes, here's the ink, courtesy of Amy McFadden at Trademark Tattoo.

The story: I wanted the classic, cheese-tastic "Mom" in a heart tattoo as homage to cheestasticness itself, but with it saying "RVA" (for Richmond, Virginia) instead. Because, after 11 years here, I guess I can finally get comfortable with calling it home. (Even if we did leave the area though, I'd be happy to still have this, just as I'm still happy I have my labrys tattoo from the Bowery in 1992; see further below.) I'd led a pretty nomadic existence before coming back to Richmond, for as long as I can remember (there were schools I attended as a kid for all of 3 days before having to move again), so this is rather a big deal.

On the matter of my husband deciding he wanted the same tattoo as me (drawn about 20% larger): There's the issue that I lost my wedding (& engagement) ring more than three years ago, and his has broken, but tattoos (though they'll fade) can't get lost.

For context, here's the recent tattoo-themed tweetage (from both my accounts; I use @vmarinelliRVA for whenever @vmarinelli's excesses threaten to scare away people I really like, as well as for more relaxed conversations) - all from March 12 except where otherwise indicated.

* Their barter arrangement was unorthodox. She'd pose for nude photographs; he'd do her next ink free of charge. "Tits-for-tats," if you will. [4:52 AM]

* Related: Getting a tattoo today. (Yes, it's barter; no, it's not "naked pictures" barter.). [4:56 AM]

* "Have you thought about fonts?" the tattoo artist asked. "You mean I could get Comic Sans?" "If... you're into that sort of thing." [5:27 AM]

* ADD meds needed for meeting greatly exacerbate anxiety. Anxiety meds needed for tattoo immediately following exacerbate ADD. This'll be fun. [6:58 AM]

* At tattoo place. Oh my God, am I really doing this? Obtained 1st ink on the Bowery, in 1992 [EDIT: story and photo are here]. [10:52 AM]

* Intensity of sensation warrants highly discordant mixed metaphors: "Arm fingerbanged by teensy vibrators, wielded by coked up hummingbirds." [11:51 AM]

* [Following is by my husband:]Permanent disfigurment! Call my attorney! I am eternally blemished now. Oh, woe is me! Nah! We're just gettin ink done! [12:06 PM]

* Dude at diner visited our table to express enthusiasm re my new ink. Then [husband] revealed his (which matches mine). WE ARE RIDICULOUS. [10:03 PM, next day]

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