Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bride with headband veil curly updo hairstyle (photo)

Windswept Bride, originally uploaded by JeremyHall.

Heres' a lovely bride with side bangs and a curly updo with some ringlets and strands left to coil out. A lovely look. I love the dainty headband and how the veil attaches in the back of her hair.

This is a very beautiful style, auburn hair, curly, relaxed updo, that looks natually beautiful.

Here are some notes the photo grapher wrote abou the image in case you're interested:

Bridal shoot this last weekend. It was a rough one, with rain threatening the entire time and light quickly fading. We had a tight window of time, but we made it work.

I was reminded that reflectors double as quick umbrellas for the bride when it starts sprinkling :)

We wanted a series of shots with her veil "blowing" in the wind. Since no wind was found, her friend would hold it up high, and on que, release and back out of the frame. I had some wide shots it worked really well in, but I liked this closeup as well.

Often I like to portray the happy bride, obviously, but this bride liked a more solemn look. I had to remind her several times to give me some versions of various poses with a smile as well. With a couple of hundred frames taken in the 35 mins we had, she will have some good choices!

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