Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"The Knot" hairstyle for brides (photo) back view

Hairdo, originally uploaded by rollibach.

Here's a blond with the knot hairstyle adn loose tendrils and strands on teh side. Very pretty updo with a little more casualness to it than some of the other more formal updos.

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Anonymous said...

Is the name of this hairstyle the knot? I love it and am wanting it for my prom but I can't find out what the hairstyle is called and when I type in 'The knot hairstyle or 'the knot' it only comes up with the weding site.

if you know it could you please reply to me at nylejackson@rocketmail.com before friday.

thanks in advance.

Kelly said...


I've always called it the knot or a twist.

I'd suggest printing out some photos to bring to your stylist.

They would know for sure, it's a twist updo of some sort and there are others (on this site) that are more of a knot.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.


Anonymous said...

i love this style! do you think a tiara and veil would sit well with it? I have bought both and didnt really think about my style beforehand.. would love to hear some ideas!

Kelly said...

Yes! The tiara and delicate veil would be perfect here.

I would keep the veil very simple since you will have the tiara and knot. The veil can be any length, but choose a very see-through delicate veil without detail and anything ornate on it.

The knot will peek through perfectly. And the tiara (placed just a bit before the middle of your head (more towards the front) will be lovely.

This sounds like a very elegant look! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

was her hair long or short? my hair is a little above my shoulders and i dont know if i could pull this off! i love it though! are there other pictures of this style?

Kelly said...

I think her hair is longer, but ask your stylist if s/he can do it with your length, or maybe you can grow it out a bit.

I'll see if I can find any other photos. Good luck to you!

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